This is Jake our puppy.....okay, he's really not a puppy anymore, but he's a total puppy at heart.  He was born January 26, 2008.  We've had him since he was 7 weeks old and 7 pounds. 

He's 2 years old here, January 2010
This was Jake's first visit to the Atlantic Ocean on his trip to visit Aunt Rachel in New York and Grandpa in New Jersey!

New Jersey, March 2010
Here's Jake enjoying a rather large dog bone....

At home on the deck, May 2010
Here's Jake on the look out for anyone that might cause harm to his family such as a little white poodle that weighs about 4 pounds soak-n-wet.  He's also on the look out for Olive his number one girl that lives in the house behind ours.  She pays him a visit several times a week and really strokes his ego.  Olive is a bit older and wiser and loves to play hard to get by wagging her tail for him as she prances back and forth teasing him.

Sitting on the ottoman looking out the window, January 2011
Our lovable boy Jake recently turned 5 years old.  He's still a big puppy at heart and full of energy everyday.  He's spoiled rotten and has us trained, instead of the other way around.  We always tell guests that he lets us live in his house and that's pretty much the case. 

I wanted to share a few instagram pics that I took of Jake recently.  Of course, I had to have plenty of treats ready for him to pose for the!

Jake at 5 years old and he still has those big puppy dog eyes, February 2013

He's trying his best to sit still and wait for the next treat!  February 2013

Isn't this one just the cutest ever!  February 2013

In this one he's barely able to wait for that treat!  February 2013

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