December 7, 2012


Munchies to go with the wine, of course!

I've had every intention of posting something earlier than now, but better late than never.  Back about 2 months ago Jon and I had a wine tasting in our home through a company called Wines for Humanity and I wanted to share this experience with all of you.  All we had to do is to provide some cheese and crackers for our guests and they do everything's really that easy!  The host Maria brought the wine, glasses and everything else required.  She even provided us with a cute selection of email invite templates in advance to send out to everyone. 

I love to cook, but decided to keep this really simple and just enjoy myself along with our guests.  I put together a few cold appetizers for the tasting and that was it.  I confess that I'm not much of a wine drinker myself, but I had a really nice time tasting all of the wines.  Our host Maria was extremely informative and I think everyone learned a few new things about the different types of wines she brought along.  She even gave us a nice hostess gift. 

The best part of all is that Wines for Humanity donates part of the proceeds to your favorite charity.  Jon and I picked The American Cancer Society because it's a cause near and dear to our hearts. 

Thank you to Wines for Humanity and a special thanks to our wonderful host Maria!


The Hedonist said...

We did the Wines for Humanity, too! I think we were supposed to get Maria, but got some dude... He wasn't overly knowledgeable but, then again, we're a tough crowd. But at least he was very very personable.

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